About Us
... and how we want to make the world shine a little more

We're glad you found your way to us and want to find out more about us.

We at 8 seasons design are pioneers in the production of designer lights for indoor and outdoor use. With our “Shining Star” lamp, we were the first company to bring the stars out of the sky for our customers. Since then, numerous other lights in different shapes, with and without edges, for different seasons and purposes have followed.

Our designer lights are intended to give you lasting joy. That's why we only use high-quality materials that are particularly robust, UV-resistant, weatherproof and easy to clean.

Our products combine design, quality and durability. Because we want to make the world shine a little bit more for you.

Made in Germany

We now produce in-house and on our own machines: in Bremen-Hastedt, directly on the Weser. We are proud that we have taken this step. By relocating production and the associated company growth, we have created secure jobs in Germany. We people with disabilities work together in the final assembly. In this way we can enable participation here too, because social commitment is important to us.


In addition, we can also make a contribution to sustainability with our own production in Germany. By not having to ship containers from the Far East, we reduce our ecological footprint.

In our own production, we consistently use recyclable materials, rely on German suppliers, avoid plastic packaging as much as possible and reduce paper waste wherever possible. We think and live sustainably and try to get a little better here every day.

Corporate culture

The 8 seasons design brand has a heart - and that is its employees. Everyone, regardless of position, age and gender, makes an important contribution. Values ​​are not foreign words in our company, but are actively lived. For us, friendly interaction on an equal level with employees, suppliers and partners is a matter of course.

And now to you, our customers

But the most important thing is you, our customers. Customer orientation is also not an empty phrase at 8 seasons design. You are our top priority. Your wishes and demands on our products and your satisfaction are our goal. We make almost everything possible that is only in our power. Take our word for it!

What are we waiting for? Let's make the world shine a little bit more together.

Euer 8 seasons design Team