Disposal of old devices

If you have a device with us Llength, width or height If you purchase a device measuring more than 50 cm, we are obliged to dispose of an old device of equal value and identical functionality free of charge.

Which devices does this regulation apply to?

Please check whether the device you purchased has one Length, width or height of over 50 cm. Information on how to determine this value can be found on this website:

What is a device that is equivalent in function and design?

The old device is the same type of device that essentially performs the same functions as the new device.

This means that when you buy a new LED panel, you can also dispose of a used LED panel through us. Please note this. We will prosecute unlawful returns of devices for a fee.

What do I have to do to dispose of a device when the new device is delivered?

To exercise your right to free disposal by us as a distributor, select the appropriate option in the shopping cart. This option appears automatically as soon as an eligible item is in your shopping cart.

Once you have selected this checkbox, we will contact you by email or telephone after completing your order.

We will then send you a pre-franked DHL or DPD label with which you can send your old device to us. We will then take care of the disposal.