Shining Star Set
Shining Star Set
Shining Star Set
Shining Star Set
Shining Star Set
Shining Star Set

Shining Star Set "L" (60 & 80 cm)

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Does a single star seem too lonely for you? – Then get our shining stars now in double form. This bundle contains our Shining Star decorative light, one in 60 cm and one in 80 cm. Place them together in your living room or let your garden shine in a unique light. This combination is a real eye-catcher everywhere and creates a festive and warm atmosphere. Thanks to our different lighting variants, you have even more options when designing your home.

Vorteile von 8 seasons design Vorteile von 8 seasons design

    The stars in doubles. This bundle contains 1x Shining Star 60 and 1x Shining Star 80, including LED WW bulbs.

    As standard, the lights are each equipped with an E27 socket including a warm white bulb.

    The high resilience of the garden lights is due to the fact that they are made from particularly weatherproof polyethylene. This makes them robust against sun, rainy weather or frost. If something is wrong with your items - when you purchase our lights we offer you a 24-month manufacturer's guarantee.

    Our concerns are sustainability and quality. With production in Germany, long transport routes are avoided and CO2 emissions are therefore reduced. In addition, our production is subject to constant quality controls, which means we can provide you with high-quality products.

    Series: Shining Star
    Season: Winter
    Cable length: 235 cm
    Light unit: LED Module / E27 Module / SOLAR Module
    Light source: LED WW
    Lumen: 800
    Watt: 8W
    Weight: 4,0 kg