spike 20 cm
spike 20 cm
spike 20 cm
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spike 20 cm

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Would you like to stabilize your light a little? Then the ground spike is just right for you! With the ground spike you can stick your light into soft ground and prevent it from falling over.
Vorteile von 8 seasons design Vorteile von 8 seasons design

    The ground spike is used to stabilize our outdoor lights and prevent them from falling over. The ground spike is not suitable for the following products: Shining Star 30 - Shining Star 40 - Shining Star 60 - Shining Star 80 - Shining Star 100 - Shining Flower 60 - Shining Crystal 60 - Shining Star Merry Christmas - Shining Rabbit 50 - No. 1 - 160cm

    Series: Accessories
    Season: Accessories
    Weight: 0.17kg