8 seasons design, Made in Germany, Zubehör, Akku, Wechselakku, smartes Licht, steuerbares Licht

SMART Wechselakku

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    Whether to enhance your garden bed or as a modern decorative object in your living room. - Our controllable Smart Globe + ball light is a real eye-catcher everywhere. Combine our different sizes and showcase your home perfectly. Here are our advantages at a glance:
  • Wireless use: Thanks to its battery, you can integrate our controllable lamp into any environment, without the hassle of a cable. The lighting time is up to 72 hours after charging
  • Smart Home System: You can integrate the light into your existing smart home system and control it via smartphone or voice command
  • Additional remote control: Thanks to the included radio remote control, you can use many functions even without an existing smart home system
  • Timer function: Our light offers you a timer function, which you can set individually and with which you can let the light shine for two or four hours

Vorteile von 8 seasons design Vorteile von 8 seasons design

    Auch bis zu 250 Stunden Leuchtdauer haben mal ein Ende. Dank des Wechselakkus hast du immer einen aufgeladenen Ersatz, der es dir ermöglicht dich jederzeit vom Strahlen der Leuchte verzaubern zu lassen.

    Serie: SMART Wechselakku
    Season: 8 seasons design x VON HASTEDT
    Kabellänge: 50 cm USB-C-Kabel
    Leuchtdauer: Bis zu 250 Stunden
    Gewicht: 0,3 kg